Heena Kausar

Heena Kausar

MD Saif-Heena Kausar Beauty Parlour

Heena Kausar, a 22-year old determined entrepreneur from Thamarasanahalli, Sulibele Taluk of Devanahalli was maaried when she was just 16 years ols. Post the birth of her son, M D Saif, her husband and in-laws started harassing and abusing her for dowry. This continued for years, and once, she plucked up the courage to say enough is enough and divorced her abusive husband. But, post-divorce, things were not a bed of roses. She became withdrawn in her cacoon and cut all contact with the outer world. At this time, Mamatha, our Buzz Facilitator, met Heena and made her understand the importance of taking charge of her own life. It took her multiple rounds of talking with Heena, and finally, she convinced Heena to attend Self-Shakti Training. Post Self Shakti, Heena got the confidence to face society and start her own business to take care of her son and her parents. She underwent Buzz Vyapar training, which is an entrepreneurship Bootcamp. During the Bootcamp, she connected with the government training institute that provided free beautician training and experienced basic beautician training while attending the boot camp. Post-Buzz Vyapar, Heena was confident enough to start her beauty parlour and a ready-made garments shop. Heena opened her parlour with loads of hope and confidence. Today, she has a steady inflow of customers and has created an identity for herself as beautician Heena in and around the village. Her parents are proud that they can beautify Heena's life after their one wrong decision.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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