Chhaya Ramesh Borse

Chhaya Ramesh Borse

Community Service Center (CSC)

Chhaya is an SHG (Self Help Group) member from one of UN Women’s SCE (Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning) programme constituencies. Previously, Chhaya was running her independent tailoring business. However, it did not prove to be an economically sustainable option in the long run, given that she is differently-abled and the returns from the business were not adequate to support her family. Chhaya joined an SCE training programme, through the Chaitanya Foundation (an SCE India – implementing partner). Chhaya wanted to develop her own CSC (Community Service Center), however, her financial situation was an impediment. Through the SCE programme’s interventions, she received support from DEF (Digital Empowerment Foundation). She was able to procure free assets such as a desktop, a printer, and a few other equipments, through an initial assessment. Today, Chhaya is running her digital lab/center, successfully.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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UN Women India and PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action)