Lalitha Bhat

Lalitha Bhat

LGL Foods Private Limited

Lalitha Bhat, mom of two, an owner of a clinic, an active community club member, and known by everyone in her town as a great local Samaritan – had everything a woman would dream of. But she had the fire to start something by herself where she sourced local and sold vocal. Hence, she started her dream of manufacturing ‘Vacuum fried crisps’, and Whole&Soul was born. Her dream was to bring healthy fruits and vegetables so that there is no compromise on taste. Combining some of her savings and loans and motivated by her family, she set foot outside her perfect world to set up the business in Chikmagalur. Even though the pandemic paused her dreams and brought the company to a standstill, she picked herself up and continued on. Cut to 2022, she has started sales and has received a great response in the very first month. She is working on bringing the crisps to shelves in Bangalore and Mangalore, where she is receiving repeat orders. She is now an entrepreneur and creates employment both inside her factory and outside for farmers.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Food Processing

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