Village shop & flour mill

Nimavathi is from a small village called Fathepur, 15 KM from Raichur. She got married when she was in 8th standard. It was difficult for her as she had hoped to continue her education and do more in life. She and her husband are daily wage workers in nearby villages. They have two young children. She also has to handle most of the household work. All of this weighed her down as she felt unable to work towards her aspirations. She convinced her family to let her join an entrepreneurship training program to give her a chance to learn and work towards these goals. The program gave her a lot of exposure to business concepts. The diya making and selling activities she participated in during the training gave her the confidence to believe that she could start something in her village. She had set up a small shop there earlier. But she is now doing a needs assessment to explore what else she can be doing. She has now realised that she can start a flour mill in her village, as everyone in the town goes to Raichur to grind their flour. She is confident that this business will support her and her family financially. Even her family is happy with her new resolve and decision-making capability.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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