Kavana Tilak

Kavana Tilak

Samyama Sahyadri Tech LLP

She is mainly in the healthcare sector in specific early detection of breast cancer using thermal imaging. In India breast cancer is ranked number one among Indian womens and also the survival rate is very low compared to western countries even within India rural counters mortality rate is more compared urban counters and the main reason for this is late detection of breast cancer. They came up with a solution that could aid in preliminary diagnosis and started their venture. She and her fellow teammates are from engineering backgrounds and have got skills in it.The challenges she faced while this journey were like understanding the concepts of the medical field and the license, committee clearance and so on.Being a student Entrepreneur it was difficult for her to manage a study life as well as this venture.They were a team four where in next five years they want to make advanced healthcare accessible to each and every individual through their company. One of the cherishable moments during her journey is that their team had participated in one of the competitions and had received good feedback as well as were considered winners. Being an entrepreneur is all about freedom to experiment and learn new things and mentors have played a very important role in her life like their guidance and their support has given her immense confidence.For the aspiring entrepreneurs she says to have faith in the problem they are solving and being open minded to seek knowledge from people around them. In the future she is aiming to come up with solutions for more communicentric problems and inspire many more young entrepreneurs.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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