Subhani Lang

Subhani Lang

Pig Entrepreneurship

Subhani Lang is a 50-year-old tribal woman from the Bhonda village in the Murhu block of the Khunti district in Jharkhand. She and her family of seven struggled to survive with an income of just 30,000 rupees annually, which came from integrated farming on their 5-acre land. It was in 2019 that she became a ‘Pig Entrepreneur’ and started pig & piglet rearing and sales in her neighbourhood. Her initial investment was 1.75 lakhs, and the loan taken was 70,000 rupees. She was able to develop her business based on breeding healthy and good quality TND piglets ( a variety of pig breeds) and very dedicated veterinary care services. Currently, she supplies piglets to 11 households. She has repaid 65% of her loan and earns 40,000 rupees annually from just her pig business. Subhani Lang’s story of change has empowered her family and community to dream bigger and aspire for a better future.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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Collectives for Integrated Livelihoods Initiatives (CInI)