Punith Salian

Punith Salian

Zilliot Technologies

When we decide to be an entrepreneur taking risks, facing challenges and learning new things every day becomes the key to success. When he was working in some firm, his prior interest was electronic products, where he found few of the problems around him had solutions and it could be done in a better way. Initially, they started working on several projects and tried solving them. This is how they began their journey. The main challenge they faced was getting the right set of people, resources, and money. They had to balance all these and move forward for their company to grow. Apart from this, there were operational and financial challenges where a small mistake could cost them a lot. In the next five years, the goal they have set is to meet a large audience and get into the Indian market, “grow early and grow globally”.They want their company to be steady and grow eventually. It is not easy to become an entrepreneur when we are stuck with the employer mindset. Hardworking in the present days will surely be fruitful in future. What has to be done next is the only question that comes to their mind. Entrepreneurs get to do what they want because they are the master of their ships. He has the freedom to do the work. Being fearless and eventually growing will always lead to success. They want to bring the right people and empower them.

State : Kerala

Gender : Male

Sector : Electronic Systems

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