Chandrashekar Gatty

Chandrashekar Gatty

Kondana Gendali Farms

When he was doing his software engineering himself, he had an aim to achieve something in the agriculture field. A variety called gendhali which is also known as rajamariyadhe you, to do agriculture on that he worked hard for a year researching about it in various universities, departments of horticulture and in agricultural areas then started his journey since when he was a kid, he had an interest in agriculture, wanted to grow in this field. Still, after completing his software engineering, he worked for ten years in a company and used to work as a weekend farmer. Once his sustainability was firm, he started managing nursing and agriculture together. Most agriculturists face labour problems. He solved this problem with natural farming, where he didn't need labourers to help much. Once a year, if they clean and put all the wastages at the foot of the plants and also apply lime and maintain pH neutral, then there is not many labours work. Any field people are working in will face many difficulties while learning cycle in the first if they get any stones in front of our path they will slip out, but the next time they'll handle their tyre. Similarly, in agriculture, they need a lot of knowledge to do it, and only if they have an interest and aim towards it can they only do it. Financial management plays a primary role when it comes to starting something new. If Patience and peace are there, they can achieve in any field. The main thing here is Coconut. There are chowghat orange dwarf, Malayan orange dwarf, and Malayan yellow dwarf varieties in coconut. They also do hybridisation where dwarf thalli coconut flower and the tall thali coconut flour will be crossed, and they get hybrid coconut thalli along with that Rambutan, Mangosteen, Nutmeg these are intercropping things and also black pepper, banana these also come under intercropping which also gives us the happy vibe of agriculture.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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