Lithin Kumar

Lithin Kumar


He is a steel detailer owns a company called kewsteelprivated limited which produces shop,fabrication and erection growings for the purpose of fabricating the scene structure and for the erection of scene structure its whole round engineering. Two years back then they thought of starting their own company which had very little funding so it was not a three days plan.He had dreamt about this company for the past three years. The motivation for starting this company was that he sees a lot of great potential in this Industry. These Industries are all grownup in the USA but in India it's still a growing field and within a few years India might adopt it completely. He faced a lot of issues during this journey like financially they were not stable ,legal documents so on where they faced a lot about legal things. Currently there are six people in a team working for 3 customers and in upcoming years if he approaches then the number will be increased. It all depends on the pressure and scale of the project . He is confident and proud about the industry he is working in even though everyday he faces a lot of challenges he is satisfied with his work.When he was working for another company he had a lot of time management issues now he is not facing that pressure.Time management was the main reason he quit his job which gave him a space to start new. If a person has any particular idea it should be a paperwork like all the things should be calculated with 100 percent effort and affection.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Capital Goods

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