Dharmith Rai

Dharmith Rai


He and his team are building a hyperlocal platform, a mobile app for multi-city. This app connects people with local businesses, discounts, jobs, blood donors and news. Previously, he worked with a company and realised he could do something new and better. He always wanted to build something that would solve multiple problems and came up with this platform. He was waiting for freedom of time that he couldn't get while working in a company. Also, to make use of it, we need to have a good core team, especially the team which aligns with your idea and vision, not only for the short term but also for the long term. He started his journey of building this app two years back when the covid impacted everybody and him because the platform, which had to be built within eight months, took two years to complete. They faced challenges like multiple people dropping the project, but somehow they made it happen, and it's pretty ready right now. When it comes to building a task, most of them face many challenges. It could be finance or the skills people bring in and the team we hire. They aim to reach at least a hundred cities, especially now in tier-2 cities and probably in the next five to ten years working with 300 is his target. One of the beautiful things that happened to them last October was an event held in Mangalore by the Karnataka government, known as the Mangalore Tech summit. Just a week before that, they finished their project and applied for the event and got selected. They were allowed to showcase it, and the IT minister Sri Ashwath Narayan and other dignitaries were present. Time management was done to the fullest, and the people around him were very supportive. The main motto of this platform is to solve everyday problems built in India and goes global.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : IT and BPM

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