Gaurav Kamath

Gaurav Kamath

Pillpouch Healthtech Private Limited

Microdegree is an education, tech, and skilling startup that teaches coding and IT skills such as Python, Java, and Cloud computing in local languages. More than 20 lakh engineers pass out every year in India, but less than 50% are employable. However, there's a skill gap between the industry and the academy, and the main reason may be the teaching done in English; despite being talented, many find it challenging to learn concepts in English. We want to teach in local languages and help the learners upskill in on-demand, emerging technologies, and help them get job opportunities. We are now doing it in Kannada, where we help the learners with skills and empower them with job outcomes. Currently, we are in Karnataka, aspiring to support students all over India. We are looking forward to generating 1 lakh jobs in the next three years.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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