Reena Devi

Reena Devi

Cosmetic Shop/Store

Reena Devi is landless agricultural labour. They survived by taking land on lease and wage work. A few years ago, her husband passed away. She has three daughters, one of whom is married, and the other two are studying. After her husband's death, the landlord took the land back, saying that she would not be able to till/farm the ground independently. With no other means of livelihood, Reena Devi approached her SHG (Self Help Group). She started a stationery and cosmetics shop with support from UN Women's SCE programme by taking a loan of Rs. 25,000 from her SHG. Given her hard work and discipline, the shop has earned a good clientele and is doing good business. Reena Devi has returned the entire loan amount to the SHG. Reena Devi keeps investing money back into her business, and currently, she has materials worth Rs 1 lakhs in her shop. She is sending her daughters to school in class 12th and 7th, respectively, with her younger child, enrolled in a private school. Reena Devi plans to educate them to the extent they want so that they can fulfil their aspirations.

State : Bihar

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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UN Women India and PRADAN