Rinku Devi

Rinku Devi

Grocery Shop/Store

A mahadalit by birth, Rinku Devi was married very early, when she was barely 12-13 years old. Life after marriage was difficult for Rinku Devi as her in-laws did not like her, so she and her husband had to leave their home and return to Rinku Devi's marital family. They were also not welcomed back but stayed in a separate thatched hutment constructed in a small piece, barely enough for the two of them. In 2020 with support from the SCE programme, she cleared her class 10 from NIOS, three decimals land allocated by the Bihar government. Her husband, working in a factory in Chennai, met with an accident. With support from the SCE programme under the skilling component, Rinku Devi was supported to get a job with Vardhaman textiles in Himachal Pradesh. However, she fell very ill there and returned to the village. Now she has started a grocery shop in her town, which is doing well, she is getting her husband treated, and her children have started going to school.

State : Bihar

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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UN Women India and PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action)