Divya Hegde

Divya Hegde

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Divya left her comfortable job in Google to return to her village in India from Chicago to work on climate change. Her deepest aspiration was to help her natives understand the importance of natural resources and not ruin their environment by aspiring to be another metro like Bangalore. She started a three-pronged approach to climate action through education, rural women’s livelihood and waste management. By using regional and linguistic context, design & technology and local arts & culture, she is succeeding in helping people understand the severity of the climate crisis. In just under 1.5 years, her NGO has trained over 2500 women in waste management and employed close to 100 women. Her NGO trains women SHGs to collect, segregate and recycle waste in partnership with local governments, ensuring a steady income and social security for these waste warriors. She has won a UN women's award for leadership in gender equality and climate justice. Her initiative and initiative have also been recognised as one of the top 100 UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS Projects globally. She firmly believes that gender justice and climate justice are interlinked. She believes that women are at the frontline of climate change, and they can be the world’s strongest ally in fighting it. So far, these women have prevented 1200000 tons of ocean-bound plastics from entering the ocean, and they plan to continue the good fight.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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