Sundar Rajan

Sundar Rajan

Hard n Soft

Sundar Rajan is the Director and CEO of Hard n Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. With over 23+ years of business experience, he recognized the potential of combining technology, design, and internet strategy. He is primarily focused on new markets, development, and future roadmap. Digital Solutions Provider for the tech sector, specifically working with AR, VR, and AI. In the late '90s, people were more inclined to job offers abroad. But unlike everyone, Sundar thought of building something at home. The company was started in 1997. The concept of entrepreneurship wasn't very familiar in the Indian market then. However, he made himself one through his 20 years of the journey. Being a first-generation entrepreneur in the tech industry comes with challenges. Coming from an agricultural background, shifting into the tech sector requires more than knowledge. The skillset and experience needed only come with time; understanding technology, building the company, and bringing the investors were major challenges. Sundar comes from a rural background, where he did not have enough knowledge of finance. Several schemes have been launched to support start-ups over the past few years, but building a company then was itself a major achievement in the Indian market. Finance has been a major issue; growing their assets and capital has been a challenge they took every day. There has been a significant improvement since. But with the lack of capital, acquiring and retaining talent also becomes quite a task.

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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