Smriti Raj

Smriti Raj

FolkTales Incorporation

A Passionate Writer, Author of the Book series FolkTales, Raj Smriti, is the Founder and Creative Director at FolkTales Incorporation. She is a wordsmith of her own accord, with two published books on biographies to her name.She strongly advocates for lifelong learning. With the prestigious IFP Fellowship, she went to the United States to pursue her MSc in Workforce Education and Development from Pennsylvania State University. She backed it up with Leadership Course from Harvard Summer School in 2009 and completed her Post Bacculerate in HRER and Course in college Teaching from Penn State.Doctorate in Alternative Medicines with a specialisation in Counselling and Psychotherapy, her forte is spreading happiness and promoting holistic living through her motivational storytelling talks.A Counsellor, Communicator and Trainer, Raj Smriti brings to the ecosystem her zest to live each day to the fullest and believes in doing her bit for society by passionate writing. A Travel buff, Music and Photography continue to keep her busy and fuel her energy to the core.Raj Smriti aspires to inspire individuals through her impactful writings and oratory skills. A healer and believer in Reiki, Angel Healing believes in the power of positivity.FolkTales, an inspiring book series on the lives of people around her, is her passion baby, and she aspires to touch a billion lives with her storytelling skills.FolkTales Incorporation was started by her on 7th June 2016, with a vision and mission of Loving Lives, Inspiring Souls and Celebrating Success through sharing real-life motivational biographies captured by her in her day to day interactions with Life. More than 1000 stories were covered for her online blog; she then published her first book Passionate Educationists-Untold Journeys featuring the life of 9 school principals from Lucknow.This was the first book from the series FolkTales launched by Rita Bahuguna Joshi at Hilton Garden Inn on 9th September 2018.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Media

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