Prakruthi Eco Solutions

We're addressing the high generation of garbage and carbon footprints at events, institutions, or organisations. This is a big issue in India that has not received attention. We don't have a proper waste management system in rural India. Waste isn't just bad for the environment; it's also bad for people's health and social lives. We don't have adequate waste management systems in rural India, which leads to littering on highways and public spaces. Another thing I see every time I attend a wedding or a party is that a lot of rubbish is generated and dumped without being correctly processed. Then I decided to alter it. As a result, we intended to solve the problem by producing revenue from it. I used Scroll to follow Eco India and Down to Earth during the lockout. There, I learned about numerous startups and organisations solving real-life problems. Those examples of people who wished to make a difference through business had a significant impression on me and motivated me to establish my own company. We intended to encourage consumers to use environmentally friendly items to reduce waste in landfills and carbon emissions. We want to arrange zero-waste events and help institutions reduce their trash and carbon footprint. Because environmentally friendly items are more expensive, it is more difficult for us to persuade clients to purchase them. We intended to create jobs for women through our business. We have experienced the societal impact of employment on women, notably because we come from a village background.

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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