Gnapika Chintalapalli

Gnapika Chintalapalli


Striogya is a fem-tech (women's health) firm that leverages IT and AI technology to give telehealth solutions to women at their convenience at a reasonable cost. Her objective is to provide better care to rural and semi-urban women who are reluctant to reveal their health problems and require individuality and security in dealing with them. Women engage equally in the Indian economy, but they face stress due to their jobs, the fast-paced contemporary world, and changes in food and climate. They jeopardise their health due to travel and other factors. When she was in 11th grade (intermediate 1st year), they found out that her mother had a stomach ulcer, and her mother had to have surgery right away. At the time, Gnapika decided to do something for women's health, save them time by quickly identifying the ailment and would be simple to use. During her degree, she received an opportunity through our college from AIC - SKU (Atal Incubation Centre - Sri KrishnaDevaraya University); with the circumstances described above in mind, she and her team decided to create STRIOGYA, a user-friendly women's health care app.

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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