Pranav Parekh

Pranav Parekh


The pandemic situation will always be seen as trauma in our lives, but there is always something good in every situation when to have a positive way of living. Completed my MBA in 2020, gave job interviews online during the lockdown, struggling to even identify the role I want in life. During the lockdown period, one thing made me sure that anything is possible, and seeing everyone struggle and depressed I thought to do something of my own (with a motive to not join a family business). THE DIGITAL HOUSE (TDH) is a creative digital agency wherein initial stages we offered free service to retain and learn from our clients, and now after learning from experiences and doing many of the courses we are an agency that does work with high-end clients and offer services to clients from almost every industry.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : IT and BPM

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