Dipen Gadhiya

Dipen Gadhiya

Sensizens Charitabale Trust

I am Dipen Gadhiya a young social entrepreneur and volunteer from Junagadh, Gujarat. I have been working for the society and community since my graduation period. I was a UPSC CSE aspirant too and aimed at being an IAS officer in order to serve the nation. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances I had to join my family business. But business never felt natural and i felt like I could do more and hence in 2019 I started a self help group (non profit organization) to work on ground in order to make Indians more Sensible towards their rights, duties and responsibilities and hence we came up with Sensizens India. This ultimately made me achieve my dreams of serving the society and community. Recently we launched our new project Sensible Readers – A Mobile Library under which we have collected second hand novels – fictional / non – fictional, engineering books, primary school books, dictionaries, news magazines etc. summing up the total of 275+ books . We also bought around 50+ new books, to provide them with hard copy books for reading. Under this initiative Sensible Readers we have a pre-approved membership of 2 years to all our donors, irrespective of the number of books they have donated untill the date of our launch i.e. 26th January 2022. Furthermore, anyone can avail a membership for this mobile library by donating 5 books for the library for 6 months or via paying very nominal fees of Rs. 200 for 3 months / Rs. 300 for 6 months / Rs. 500 for a year. All our members would become Sensible Indians & Sensible Readers via availing the membership because they would be reducing their carbon footprints by using the second hand books for reading and sharing with others. The fees would help us in doing many social activities under our Sensizens Trust. Summing it up, our goal under our initiatives is not just to get donations or funds but to provide them with wholesome services as value of their money and ultimately making them more Sensible Indians for better India.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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