Geetika Mahto

Geetika Mahto

Goat Entrepreneurship

Geetika Mahto is a 34 year old resident of the Makri village from the Gurabanda block of Jharkhand. Her great work ethic and active interest in goat healthcare and business helped her become a ‘Goat Entrepreneur’ in her region in June 2021. She had been a Livestock Service provider or LSP to the community members since 2017, helping them with different healthcare treatment processes for goats such as deworming, castration, vaccination, artificial insemination among others. This has helped create an entry point for her in the village as her work showcased her goodwill and commitment. Geetika invested 2.60 lakhs and took a loan of 40,000 rupees to start her Goat business. She expects to cater to around 500 households and earn around 90,000 annually. As a Goat entrepreneur, she creates market linkages for the other goat rearers by procuring the goat from them and selling it collectively to either the local Farmer Producer Company or even beyond to the market at large. Initially, Geetika did face issues in procuring the goat from the villagers as it was priced quite higher than the market rate but she has been able to leverage her links with the local Farmer Producer Company to overcome this issue. This is supplemented by the different healthcare services she provides for the goat in her village. She hopes to expand even further into the Odisha market in the future for better income earning opportunities and business growth.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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