Kamdev Pandit

Kamdev Pandit

Water/Irrigation Entrepreneurship

Kamdev Pandit, a 50-year-old rice and vegetable farmer from the Virajpur village of the Palajori Block of Jharkhand, used to face irrigation issues for his farmland, same as others in his village. While the mainstay of income in his village is vegetable production and sale, this was being hampered due to insufficient water availability. The installation of a solar-powered pump in his field in March 2021 through the financial aid of CInI (an initiative of Tata Trusts) helped to resolve his water problem. Kamdev was chosen by CInI to become a ‘Water Entrepreneur’ in the village due to his strong will, good entrepreneurial sense, and leadership skills. He started to sell water to 25-30 households in the village based on the pilot program of selling irrigation water in the Samastipur village initially proposed by IWMI. He invested 2.20 lakhs and took a loan of 95,000 thousand to set up his business. Kamdev now sells irrigation water to his neighboring farmers at the rate of 100 rupees per hour which has enabled the villagers to cultivate their entire land and enhance their incomes. Although he did face issues initially in terms of late payments, his goodwill in the community has helped him establish and maintain the business. His expected annual income from being a water entrepreneur is 25-30 thousand rupees, not including the gains from enhanced vegetable and rice production. Kamdev plans to increase his water provision services in the future to even more farmers to support the rice and vegetable production, which is the mainstay of the village’s economy.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI)