Lalmuni Marandi

Lalmuni Marandi

Piglet Entrepreneurship

Lalmuni Marandi, a 32 year old resident from Chanaro village of the Churchu block of Jharkhand, has the most amazing entrepreneurial spirit and mental strength which has helped her become the first female ‘Pig Entrepreneur' in her block in 2018. She saw the potential profit of entering into a piglet selling business model as the region sees high demand for pig meat and applied for financial aid to become a pig entrepreneur to sell the piglets in the community with an investment of 1.58 lakhs and a loan of 70,000 rupees. Initially she had to face a lot of difficulties in terms of both stereotypes of the community in dealing with pigs and also the investment required to feed and take care of the pigs for healthy offsprings. However, she persevered and managed to leverage subsidized rates for the feed and treatment from the local Farmer Producer Company and currently supplies piglets to 18 households. She also kept at her business without bothering too much about people, so much so that today she is a role model for other village women who have also ventured into the business looking at her success. She has managed to repay 45% of her loan and is able to generate an annual income of 2 lakhs from her pig business with 7 females and 1 male pig currently. She aspires to have a big pig shed with 20 pigs in the future and an annual income of 5 lakhs.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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