Baiju Hembram

Baiju Hembram

Polyhouse Entrepreneurship

Baiju Hembram, a 35 year old farmer, tailor and now a ‘Polyhouse Entrepreneur’ from the Chirugoda village of the Dhalbhumgarh block is a true showcase of entrepreneurial ambition. Baiju kept looking at different livelihood options to improve his economic condition and grabbed the chance (provided by CInI, an initiative of Tata Trusts) to go to Odisha and Haryana to learn the soilless sapling growth technique to replicate in his home state of Jharkhand. He came back and started his own polyhouse nursery with soilless saplings in June 2017 with an investment of 3.15 lakhs and a loan amounting to 1.20 lakhs. Although he faced many difficulties initially in maintaining the nursery, especially in the preparation of the soil alternative: cocopeat, he persevered and even managed to convince other skeptical farmers to try and use this new soilless sapling for healthier plant growth. His business has grown phenomenally with an annual income of 3,19,250 lakhs from the nursery and he even supplies outside his state to West Bengal. He foreclosed his loan before the completion of the stipulated 30 months time period. What makes him unique is his incredible sense of integrity and commitment to supply only the best seeds and saplings to his customers for which he undertakes trials of different varieties of seeds to ensure good quality. He aspires to establish another polyhouse nursery and instigate ambition among all unemployed youth and farmers of his village.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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Collectives for Integrated Livelihoods Initiatives (CInI)