Barnabus Nag

Barnabus Nag

Polyhouse Entrepreneurship

Barnabus Nag, a 52 year old resident of Digri village from the Murhu block of Jharkhand, believes that self-confidence and will power are the key ingredients to keep oneself driven be it in business or life. As a part of an exposure visit in 2017, Barnabus visited a nursery in the vicinity and was inspired to set up his own facility. The farmers in his community including himself used to face issues related to poor seed quality, plant nutrition and health. Barnabus saw the immense potential of having an in house sapling nursery for increasing the plant quality for everyone in his community and also as a beneficial business venture. He invested a total of 2.68 lakhs and also took out a loan of 1.20 lakhs to start his nursery in August 2018. He did face issues initially in terms of both growing soilless saplings (which reduce the risk of disease and damage to crops) and selling them as it was a completely new technique and product for the village. However, after receiving special training on Polyhouse nursery expertise organized by the state government & CInI, he has been able to successfully supply saplings to 1584 households in 2021 and even has future aspirations of starting a grafting nursery and polyhouse farming. His current income is 11.05 lakhs annually from the nursery and he has been able to return 100% of his loan. The thing that Barnabus loves the most about his business is the connection and relationship that he is able to maintain with different members of the community.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI)