Muralidhar Somisetty

Muralidhar Somisetty

YogiFi : A Smart Yoga Mat with technology for holistic wellness

The fountainhead of Wellnesys, Murali's story started with choosing yoga over spine surgery for treating his chronic neck and back pain due to disk bulge issues, The miraculous advantage of this ancient science encouraged him to pursue the science professionally and propagate it to more people, especially in the IT Corporates. He soon came across the underlying challenges in the adoption and effectiveness of online yoga sessions. To mitigate this problem, he masterminded an award-winning product, YogiFi to revolutionise holistic wellness in the healthcare and fitness technology landscape, making yoga an integral part of our everyday routine. The Bangalore-based start-up, WELLNESYS is integrating ancient science with modern technology to deliver holistic wellness, assisting people to create and customise the best online and offline yoga. It puts forward a wide range of yoga learning sessions and meditation content that suits all ages, gender, and body. These sessions are curated by global experts who aspire to help people achieve the much-needed mental and physical discipline strengthening immunity, especially in the era of pandemic / post-pandemic. YogiFi is here to motivate, guide, and help every individual adopt the culture and exercise the healing power of yoga; guiding them towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. During the pandemic, the YogiFi app delivered at-home interactive yoga sessions using computer vision (camera of a smartphone) besides the smart mat solution with patented asana tracking technology. Each session is curated based on the insightful data and various metrics gathered from the mat: strength, alignment, flexibility, and endurance. Users can now understand the effectiveness of the yoga session with vitals data correlated from wearables such as the Apple Watch. YogiFi won multiple global awards for innovation including CES2020, TWICE Picks, and NASA iTech.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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