Rishabh Pratap Singh

Rishabh Pratap Singh

Village Mitra Foundation

“I gather happiness and spread happiness – this is the meaning of entrepreneurship for me, and this has been my experience.” Rishabh is a 21-year-old social entrepreneur from UP. Coming from a village, he had always observed problems in the rural landscape and wanted to help solve them. During engineering, his itch to innovate and problem-solve returned and in 2018, he started ‘Village Mitra Foundation’. The Foundation helps provide sustainable solutions to problems in rural communities, such as those related to climate change and farming. ‘Anima Drive’ is an initiative by the start-up, that primarily works to resolve human-animal conflict due to farming, such as cattle being abandoned as stray once they stop giving milk. Under Anima Drive, Village Mitra works with farmers and those who manage ‘gaushalas’ to create a revenue-generating model using cattle waste. For eg., cow dung can be used to produce compost and organic fertilizers for indoor plants. It also spreads awareness among students to think about sustainability as technologists and farmers of the future. To understand how social entrepreneurship works, Rishabh has practiced with Ashoka Foundation and gotten his idea incubated at Atal Incubation Centre – all while still being in engineering. At AIC, he understood the nitty gritty of team building, how start-ups work, etc. As more peers in the youth community heard about his initiative, volunteers pitched in. Today, he has a team of 20 people, working on a daily and weekly basis. Till date, the team has impacted 280 farmer families, 1800 stray cattle, and spread awareness among more than 5000 students. After graduation, Rishabh also worked as an SBI Youth for India fellow and is now understanding pan-India rural waste management with ‘Karo Sambhav’. “I believe in striking a balance between family’s expectations and my passion, so I am not yet into this full-time. However, I know that slowly but in the coming 4 to 5 years, we will grow well.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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