Prayagraj Mehta

Prayagraj Mehta

Student- Vehicle Spittoon

VEHICLE SPITTOON Hello, this is Prayagraj Mehta from Vishwabharati School. My idea’s name is Vehicle Spittoon. The idea came to my mind when I was seven to eight years old; I was sitting in the lap of my grandfather while travelling by car, when he opened the window of the car and spat out of it. It was little weird for me to understand that why did he spit on the road, and then I asked him that why did he do that? My grandfather answered, “so where should I spit?” I observed that not only my grandfather but many other people were also doing the same. We were taught in science as well as in SST that, road is a public property where spitting, littering or making it soil is punishable offence hence people do it and no action has been taken yet. My father who is a practicing lawyer, informed me that there is a provision of fine if someone is caught spitting on the road – 500 to 1000 Inr is the prescribed fine for the same but nothing has been registered as fine although the roads are found with many spitting evidences. I wonder that CCTV cameras at signals do send memos for not wearing seat belt, talking on phone while driving or for breaking the road signals but no memo or fine is charged if someone is spitting on the road, which spreads germs in the atmosphere. So, I kept thinking on it that what should be the solution to avoid this and that is how the idea of Vehicle Spittoon stepped into my mind. This is just a ‘sample model’ that is made from card board and I have placed the diaper in it because my brother is three years old and he wears the diaper so I have observed that the diaper absorbs the liquid and I thought that if the person will spit in it who is chewing tobacco or pan masala the diaper will absorb the liquid portion and that tobacco particles will remain up there. I have given the spittoon to my neighbor who is having the habit of chewing and dipping pan masala, he used it and said that it is very good and he said many good things about it.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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