Abhas Kumar

Abhas Kumar


“Never define yourself by a book. It is not necessary that what has been written will prove to be a milestone. There has always been a change in the world. We should believe in ourselves and become a changemaker ourselves.” With markets going digital today, sellers are adopting innovative ways to brand their products, while small businessmen or shopkeepers are losing out. To solve this problem, Abhas Kumar, who lives in Patna, Bihar, has started his own startup called ‘Iglify’. He has created a software that allows local and low capital businessmen to brand their shop easily at a low cost. Abhas has done B.Tech in Computer Science. From the beginning, he had the intention that he would start his own business. However, as a repeat entrepreneur, a couple of failed projects built his experience and market knowledge. Soon, he understood the problems of local shopkeepers and how they are not able to move forward. For example, due to lack of finance, clothing shopkeepers are unable to hire good models, due to which their product cannot be promoted. Sellers make their own website, but customers are not able to reach there. Iglify is one such platform that brings all shopkeepers together, where they can brand and promote their products. Abhas has piloted his idea in 3 localities in Patna and onboarded 30+ shops. He has provided SAAS platform to shops in these localities. In the future, he wants to expand his venture to benefit local shopkeepers. “No one can inspire you more than yourself.”

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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