Aleena Khimani

Aleena Khimani

R3N - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Newspapers

"Our vision is to make this place better and healthier to live in. With the help of our business, we are trying to reduce the environmental crisis around us by spreading the idea of a pollution-free world through reusing and recycling. We are making waterproof products which are durable and customized according to the customer's needs, purely made out of newspaper. All widely use these products, and thus we thought of making the best use of newspapers by recycling them and making helpful products out of them. We make products such as Compass boxes, Ipad cases, Phone cases, Keychains, Dustbins, Writing pads, Home decor, Paintings and sculptures, Keyholders, paperweight, pen stands, Tea-coasters, etc. TGES has always been a platform which provides us with an ocean of opportunities to grow as a student. Hackathon2019 was a commendable event which helped me grow in different aspects. The boot camp, which was held before our 40 days of the journey for innovating a product that doesn't exist in the market, was a great experience as I learnt to interact with people and even present ideas and cooperate and understand the group which I was working with. The boot camp brought out the creative minds together so that those minds combined could explore and think out of the box. My team and I participated in the CIF Event, which UNICEF organized. We took our product to a higher level, and we hopefully topped the list of the best 30 teams. My team participated in the SSIP event, which was held in Gujarat. The best part was that we were ranked in the top 3 teams and were awarded 50,000 cash by the government. My company R3N had a student canopy in 2019 during the galaxy bazaar. It was a good time as this was proved to be an excellent opportunity to set up a mock marketing place for our product.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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