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From factory worker to the owner of an organic store in just 1 yearI was a factory worker until COVID struck, and I lost my job due to the ensuing layoffs. My mother-in-law, an entrepreneur, inspired me to start my own business. To keep the household running, I initially worked in the vegetable market(mandis) every day at pre-dawn. I had some savings and I was determined to start something that would be resilient even during a pandemic. I had been observing a surge in demand for organic food products and spotting an opportunity, started a business of wood pressed oils. Starting small, I have since been adding new products based on customer demand. I started in a very small shop; however, in just one year, I progressed to a bigger shop. Over the next few years, I aim to add more organic and traditional products like honey, spices, rice, etc. to my business. I want to expand to 5-6 shops. I enjoy the freedom to pave my own path, and of course, I see an increase in income. My single focus is to keep increasing the customer base. That has been the foremost task for my business to grow. The training I received on how to conduct a business online has really helped me tap new audiences via WhatsApp and Facebook. I intend to go onwards and upwards from here!

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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