Rosy founder of AsapuArt Rosy's business approach entails customising home decor and promoting creativity in each and everyone, as well as raising awareness about how the arts can aid in healing. She teaches painting classes, workshops, and art therapies, where she demonstrates how mandalas may be beneficial, as well as how attentive colour use can be beneficial. She became an entrepreneur during the dark times when we were confined to our homes. She used this opportunity to take art classes and realised how art heals children, the elderly, and everyone else.This eventually acts as a therapy for each one, and that's how her entrepreneurial journey began. Her entrepreneurial effort is motivated by the delight that art brings to others and the happiness that spreads around her. With this she is also attempting to inspire creativity. Like any entrepreneur, she has had to overcome many hurdles -Delegating her job and outsourcing her materials due to her location -Technical issues such as video editing and digital marketing became roadblocks -Lack of visibility and reach In ten years, she hopes to see her company as a place where people can associate art with asapuart. Her advise to prospective entrepreneurs is to trust their instincts, not to be afraid to take risks, and to stay on the path, because if you don't fail, you won't succeed. She wants to have an art academy and that's her plan for Asapuart.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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