Ashwani Tiwari

Ashwani Tiwari

Maker Labs by Vidhyalay Udhyam

Ashwani is the co-founder of Vidhyalay Udhyam, a non-profit that helps youth build entrepreneurial capabilities. He has been co-creating the ‘Maker Labs’ initiative in rural and remote areas, especially focusing on tribal communities. He focuses on nurturing young learners into entrepreneurs, especially those who are at the risk of child labor and school dropout at an early age. “My dream of having a lab and my passion for people movements motivates me to start the maker movement.” Through his enterprise, Ashwani wants to contribute to solving the unemployment and child labor crises. He shares how he has had to face various challenges in this journey, from planning, to funding and finding an enabling ecosystem. On a daily basis, he has to work within an unstable system and tackle youth’s tendency to look for quick fixes. Till date, his enterprise has enabled 300 learners to get access to maker labs. 8 of them have gone on to start their own ventures. In the next 5 to 10 years, he aspires to manage maker movements for young people pan-India. “When I made the transition from jobs to entrepreneurship journey, I was confused and clueless -the only thing I had was vision. In those days, I met with my Guru at Rishikesh and he told me about the concept of rebirth. A human’s first birth is when he is born, and his rebirth is when he finds the purpose of living. So, I am searching for my purpose.” Ashwani describes his entrepreneurship journey as exciting. He enjoys the little taste of success he gets after many failures. He’s grateful for his mentors and friends’ support. “Think big, start small and act now.”

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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