Nitesh Aggarwal

Nitesh Aggarwal

Triveni chicken arts

Nitesh Aggarwal went from being a school dropout to making three crores from the chikankari business. Triveni Chicken Arts produce Lucknowi Chicken Kurtis and export them globally. Nitesh started his venture to earn extra pocket money as a student. But with time, the business grew, and he started getting orders. There were downfalls, but for any entrepreneur to grow, they must surpass every obstacle that comes their way. Challenges around finance and labor are common for any start-up, which they figured eventually. Finance is a factor that may come up as a problem at any given time. Nitesh was able to overcome those challenges soon. The market is constantly changing, and since the pandemic, there has been a significant shift in the market trends. The next few years are going to be challenging for Triveni. They are looking to grow as it is quite a task to sustain in the market in the upcoming decade. Nitesh plans to open a company to establish the future of the people and move ahead with his brand.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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