Rohit Manglik

Rohit Manglik

Edu Gorilla

After so many failed startups Rohit noticed the drawbacks in our educational framework, and there he got his Million Dollar idea. Education has always intrigued Rohit, the ability it possesses to influence society, and how it can transform anyone into their best self. Unfortunately, the current educational scenario is such that students hailing from modest backgrounds can’t afford decent quality education so that they can aspire for better standards of living. The idea was to look after and nurture the students, for exams not that widely known, with pioneering quality of content. EduGorilla is what that idea transformed into. EduGorilla is an Ed-tech company that offers India's best online test series to its student in vernacular languages and be their guide to success. The company currently caters to 2,00,00,000+ Users for 1300+ exams. Rohit was an entrepreneur before Edugorillla even started. He was pursuing his BTech while working on himself. One day he got a chance to attend one of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's lectures, where he got inspired. By the second year, he started his first venture. He continued his second venture, which was about career solutions. He helped out some 30,000 students through his second venture. Following the same path, Rohit visited his school once, and the idea of Edugorilla came to his mind. There were a lot of commutes, waiting hours, and capital involved in the initial days. Rohit had to go from one end to the other over and over again to start up his venture. Finding an investor has been the most challenging of all, and building up a loan was draining. The company did not hold enough investors. So, they had to remove almost half of the team to work within the provided financial situation. The process that should have taken weeks took him months to complete. In the coming years, the company aims to grow into a unicorn. They are striving to grow in terms of employees to 5000 employees.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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