B Shaheen

B Shaheen

BlueBoon Pvt Ltd

Shaheen Founder of BlueBoon Pvt LtdShaheen is from Anantapur, a tiny town in India. Being from a tier-3 city, she realised how rare opportunities are for people like her. She realised it when she began looking for a job after college. People from small towns frequently find themselves with less employment options due to a lack of resources and government investments that provide them with equal opportunities as urban places. Our academics aren't always enough, or they aren't always in the direction that we want to go in life and pursue our careers. This got her thinking about what she can do that will help her skills and bring her to a level where she can actually become an entrepreneur and create a profession out of passion or interest.But there was nothing she could find in her town. That's when she realised there is a huge gap in the market to create career opportunities or those who wants to have a different non academic way of pursuing their careers.This provided the groundwork for skill2earn, which allows you to develop skill sets through this platform that will enable you to work for a company or provide you with enough certification and educational material to start your own firm and become an entrepreneur.

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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