Shelley Saxena

Shelley Saxena

Seva Mob

Shelley Saxena has an MBA from Cornell and B.E. from IIT Roorkee. He founded Sevamob – an online health exchange and primary healthcare provider, in 2012 after a misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment of his mother. Shelley's mother almost lost her life because of Hepatitis C. This motivated him to start a technology-enabled primary healthcare service in under-served areas. Underserved areas have a scarcity of medical staff and diagnostic services. Being a first-generation entrepreneur is a challenge in itself. One has no prior business experience in the family, and back then, entrepreneurship wasn't common in the Indian market. With no business network and limited working capital, finance was a significant challenge. He found reliable local partners in each area where we want to replicate the model. In the upcoming years, Shelley sees his company transforming primary healthcare in underserved regions of South Asia, Sub-saharan Africa, and Latin/Central America. The company is a family of over 100 full-time employees and over 300 contract-based employees. When Covid first started and the government enforced a lockdown, the Seva mob faced a financial crisis. The company barely had enough capital to survive. They pivoted and added several Covid related services, cut costs, and focused exclusively on the Indian market. This generated new revenue, kept the business going, and today they are creating a profit. As an entrepreneur, the lows may be lower. But, the highs are higher as well. Do not give up but instead of trying the same thing a dozen times, make tweaks until you hit the winning formula.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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