Vignesh Chinnadurai

Vignesh Chinnadurai

The Brand Moustache

To constantly work for someone else until the very end or to work for yourself and build your own company are two ends of the crossroads Vignesh was standing at, certainly, he chose the latter. Brand Moustache is a digital marketing agency founded in 2014. Vignesh has been passionate and thrives to learn from his ups and downs. He'd question, "why are there no global organizations from India like Google and so on?" Building his own global company is what motivated him and helped him excel as an entrepreneur. Through Brand Moustache, Vignesh aims to help brands build themselves and grow their own as one. The company started with two people working on it and struggling to make their way up. Entrepreneurship takes up some time, and it had been quite a journey. One has to keep going. The main challenges are those faced alone. The major problem came with finance and more around managing that finance. While working with a client the company may have to wait longer than expected for the payments to be made. And as an entrepreneur, the people working for your company have to be paid on time. Initially, building a team with everyone designated to a specific role is a task in itself. There are many times when one has to do it all by themselves. Nobody tells you how to proceed with the work. In the coming years, the company aims to grow and partner with large brands. There are different challenges for you to face every day. You get the freedom to decide which path you wish to take on. If you have an idea, constantly work upon it. As an agent of change, Vignesh would like to grow more agents of change through his company.

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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