Ambareen Abdullah

Ambareen Abdullah

Kaitley Foundation

While working as a researcher in a mental health hospital in Gujarat, I realized that people recovering from mental illness (PWMI) are sent back to their homes with little direction to move forward, once they recover. Coupled with low awareness of employers on making an inclusive workplace, not many people get opportunities to get back in the mainstream world. Be it on the professional front like getting jobs or on the personal front like attending social functions/interactions, they are often labeled as ‘mad’. Therefore, we decided that a series of responses is required to alleviate this problem. Kaitley Foundation was therefore founded in 2016 with intent to be a pathway in the direction of emotional development and financial independence. It aims to bring dignity in PWMI’s lives by focusing on sustainable employment for people recovering with mental illness by developing them and increasing awareness in the society of its role.Kaitley is a one-stop station for mental disability employment needs that are achieved through collaborations. It provides quality and person-centered services to PWMI for sustainable employment that help find and keep work. Services range from basic trainings, writing resume to helping them develop their skills by working on a tea-carts and post job stress management. It also helps business owners and employers to find employees to fulfill the mandate of employing 3% specially-abled workforce; helping them be inclusive through trainings and HR policy development. Mission: To create a world where persons with mental illness have the right to live a life with dignity by not being discriminated against or harassed. Vision: The organization aspires to achieve the aim of “holistic re-integration” in work, community and society for persons recovering with mental illness.

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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