Mohamed Farooq

Mohamed Farooq

Farm Fresh Banana

Mohamed Farooq founder of Farm Fresh Banana came from a family which was deep rooted in farming with a well established business of supplying bananas. Farooq had to join the banana business after studying engineering at Bangalore Institute of Technology. Business was already well set but he wondered how he would be able to add value.He witnessed that the process of logistics was inefficient as the damage of the bananas during transportation was high. He introduced crates to transport bananas from the farms and the benefits were multifold as there was almost no damage to the bananas during transportation and almost zero waste created in the cities.Farooq’s sensitivity towards sustainability got him to build a plant to manufacture crates by recycling plastic. He sourced broken or disposed plastic chairs, broken vehicle bumpers, broken or worn-out virgin plastic crates, as raw material to manufacture crates to transport bananas at 1/3rd the price of virgin plastic. With the production capacity at 2000 crates per day and making it affordable for the farmers to buy these crates to supply bananas, farmers could get return on their investments in their first use itself with reduction or no damage caused to their fruits as against their earlier process of shifting in gunny bags or baskets.

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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