Navaneethan Marimuthu

Navaneethan Marimuthu

NN Country Chicken Farm

Driven by his urge to pursue an independent career, Navaneethan invented a unique low-cost poultry incubator and is now encouraging and empowering the farmers near his home to pursue poultry farming. Soon after he finished his training from the Agri-Entrepreneur Growth Foundation (AEGF) in 2020, the 25-year-old Industrial Training Institute alumnus decided to start an enterprise focussing on poultry and goat farming in his village, Indhiranaga (Coonoor Block). He built a low-cost poultry incubator from materials lying around his home - plywood, iron, bulbs, plastic and others. It cost him ₹10,000 rupees to get it up and running. Navaneethan then started to supply this machine to small farmers.“The response was good and I have begun to earn about ₹10,000 every month through this business,” said Navaneethan.Moreover, he is also showing the smallholders nearby how to properly care for chicks and ensures good returns on their investments. Navaneethan is also utilizing his knowledge of computers to the hilt. He has been advertising his poultry and goatery business on social media and is providing home delivery services during the pandemic and has even taken a loan of one lakh from Rang De to take his business to the next step.

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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