Premnath and Niranjana Gopal

Premnath and Niranjana Gopal

Seedling Nursery

The Gopals had always dreamed of settling down in Thambatti, a village in the Nilgiris where Premnath’s parents lived. Despite being worried about their prospects, they decided to come back home after working in the UK and Dubai.The couple entered the agrarian sector after deciding that an enterprise of their own would be more meaningful than working for someone. They wanted to help the local farmers move from monocropping to newer techniques. Premnath also had the assurance that Niranjana had trained with AEGF* in 2020.“My in-laws used to practice traditional tea farming. We started vegetable farming and a nursery as well. The farmers here used to travel more than 100 km to buy vegetable seedlings. Till date, we have sold over 3 lakh seedlings to 173 farmers” says Niranjana.The couple also help government officials propagate information about new schemes and opportunities. “You can succeed agriculturally when you start thinking ahead of the curve. Our indulgence in strawberry farming is one such case. We start growing when demand is more and supply less,” says Premnath, adding, “There’s so much to do in agriculture. One can make a good living by initiating new practices.”*Agri-Entrepreneur Growth Foundation

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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