Ram Kotwal

Ram Kotwal

Self-Helf Group - Founder

The story of agri-entrepreneur (AE) Ram Kotwal from Shendi village of Akole block in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, shows how a small idea can bloom into a factor for significant changes. Kotwal has started multiple initiatives for the welfare and empowerment of rural women and men through Self-Help Groups (SHGs).Agri-Entrepreneur Mentor (AEM) Madhav mentions that Ram had quit his job in the private sector to do something for his village. The two met during an AEGF* campaign in the town of Shendi in the Ahmednagar district. After discussing the AE model, selection criteria and the various business opportunities that could be accessed through the program, Ram became a student in the 45-day training program.After being certified, Ram formed a women’s Self-Help Group and started training the members on vegetable cultivation. While they had depended on paddy cultivation to eke out a livelihood and earned a meagre average of ₹20,000 per annum each, shifting to vegetables nearly doubled the income of each member. Bolstered by their success, Ram has now formed over 20 SHGs, providing training on modern agri-practices, pesticide management and market linkages - creating an eco-system of growth and empowerment for the members.*Agri-Entrepreneur Growth Foundation

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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