Suresh Bathula

Suresh Bathula

Jasthipalli Goat Farm

Suresh Bathula, Goat Farm OwnerA 25-year-old farmer, Suresh belongs to a family of smallholder farmers from Jasthipalli, an agency (tribal) village in Khammam district, Telangana. With Suresh joining the business after finishing 10th grade, the family grows chilli and cotton on the 5 acres of irrigated dry land they own,Jasthipalli is heavily reliant on agriculture, with most farmers belonging to backward classes and cultivating paddy, cotton, and red chilli. Sensing an opportunity to branch out, Suresh developed a business plan after completing his agri-entrepreneur training from Syngenta Foundation India and NIRDPR Chevella in 2020. This involved two major archetypesAfter gathering inputs on the agricultural needs of 155 farmers in his community, the plan that he formulated aimed to accelerate the payments they received for their produce by introducing electronic payments through a digital kiosk. Suresh also decided to open a goat farm, with the forests near Jasthipalli providing the space and pasture required to maintain such an enterprise. He invested ₹3.2 L to buy 40 goats. The number of goats increased to 72 goats after one season. Selling 38 goats at ₹10,300 each, he has made ₹3.91 L already, going beyond breaking even and recovering his investment – while still owning 34 goats.

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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