Jasmani Tirkey

Jasmani Tirkey

Broccoli Farming

In 2021, the Agri-Entrepreneur Growth Foundation (AEGF) began offering a host of services through its network of agri-entrepreneurs (AEs) to help local smallholder farmers in Jharkhand move beyond the glut of paddy, maize and pulse crops. One of these services provided farmers with high-value crop seeds to raise their incomes and help them escape subsistence agriculture. In the village of Tukutoli, AE Jasmani Tirkey decided to take the risk of sowing a crop she had learnt about but never grown before and convinced 25 farmers in the region to follow her lead.Jasmani and the other farmers used certified Besty and Namdhari seeds and started cultivating broccoli on a 15-acre packet of land. They produced a yield of 7 quintals per acre, which added up to a massive total of 10.5 metric tonnes. Selling the produce netted them ₹630,000 and resulted in a profit of ₹2 per kg for every farmer involved in the venture. As the pioneer who had introduced them to high-value crops, Jasmani received a commission of ₹21,000 for her efforts as well.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Female

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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