Madhu Kumar

Madhu Kumar

Srinivasapuram Milk Junction

Madhu Kumar’s milk junction in Srinivasapuram, Andhra Pradesh is filled with farmers from nearby villages every morning. His story is an example of how business opportunities can be created through diligent research and an understanding of value chains. His enterprise has saved his customers from a difficult and time-consuming ten-kilometre commute to Jangareddy Gudem, a town where they would usually sell their milk to restaurants.An AEGF-trained* agri-entrepreneur, Mr. Kumar visited around fifty farmers in Srinivasapuram and studied their problems. Many of the farmers who owned cattle complained that the milk they collected would go sour due to the absence of buyers. Spotting an opportunity that could benefit both parties, he began to offer the conveniences of selling milk at a fixed point and quality tests for the same.Mr. Kumar also offered a higher price per litre because of his linkages with the dairy industry and provided a guaranteed source of income for the farmers. His network and reputation have expanded in 2021, and farmers from four villages in the vicinity of Srinivasapuram use his facilities every day.*Agri-Entrepreneur Growth Foundation

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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