Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh

Unic Business

Manmohan Singh is an MBA graduate from Bihar whose studies were disrupted due to the first lockdown in the pandemic. Back home, agricultural activities like mushroom cultivation and hydroponic farming were already being done in his family. His uncle and cousins had started an agricultural business in Ataon, a small village in the Buxar district in Bihar. Owing to the lockdown, more and more people began to show interest in farming - a demand Manmohan decided to fill in by starting an agri-support and marketing business. Now, his company provides operations assistance for anyone interested in taking up mushroom farming. Manmohan wants to encourage more farmers to take up mushroom cultivation. He provides training to interested farmers on how to use specific tools and equips them with knowledge of the processes involved in mushroom farming. He also sells mushroom seeds and sponges to farmers. Unic is now connected to over 121 farmers and supports them in developing their networks and establishing a good market connection. Manmohan has also developed an e-commerce website which sells authentic agricultural products. In the face of the migrant crisis and unemployment, especially in Bihar, Manmohan believes his e-commerce venture carries the potential to provide employment opportunities and scale nutritional security.

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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