Adarsh Kumar Mishra

Adarsh Kumar Mishra

Freshee and Hashtag Basket

"Whatever work I set out to do, I do it." During the first lockdown, Adarsh noticed how people were not able to get chicken or mutton as they were not able to go outside. This was a big problem especially for those who had meat in their daily diet. To solve this problem, Adarsh prepared a business model along with one of his family friends, Nishant Kumar Singh. He started a home delivery service of chicken and mutton, while following covid safety guidelines, and became an entrepreneur. Initially, he started on a very small scale. Before the name ‘Hashtag Basket’, he was delivering only chicken and mutton. When he saw that the demand was high, he tied up with an e-commerce website called E-Local and started taking orders. Now he has started delivering other household items in collaboration with local vendors. He delivers Kachchi Ghani Oil, baby corn, homemade items, and other things within 30 minutes of ordering. He also provides live shopping facility to customers. Under which if a customer wants to see the quality of his order, vendor of the product to packing, then he shows it through a video call. Along with this, at the time of ordering, meat’s weight is also shown to the customer. He is going to make an app named ‘Freshee’, from which he will provide more facilities to the customers. He has also invested in his own goat farm to tackle a supply problem. Adarsh had to face many problems in the beginning, but he did not give up. While his startup went well in the first wave of covid, the second wave hit harder, and customers almost stopped ordering. However, he was patient and gradually the situation became normal. Now, Adarsh is going to expand his startup to Patna as a whole as well as Jharkhand and Ranchi. At present, they have eight to nine hundred regular customers with six people working in their team. “Think, Struggle and Achieve. That is, think first, work hard on it with patience, and you will get success.”

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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