Atharv Shah

Atharv Shah

Cement from plastic

✓ Soon before CIF 2020 started I had an idea. An idea to make an impact on the society and for its benefit. Many ideas were wandering around my head for a while. Once when I was walking on a road nearby where I saw huge dumps of plastic and other industrial wastes. This make me think of an idea related to plastic . On the other hand , it was the monsoon season where water leaks , cracking became very common in every house . This imitated a thought In my mind to merge these two elements and create an eco-friendly effect on the environment. I started researching about how plastic and cement are made . This idea of mine kept on making more sense and with a few more materials and chemicals this product of mine not only has an eco friendly impact but also prevents small issues like water leakage and cracking . The Virgin nylon - 6 fibre plays a very important role here by which the cement based problems would be solved . I also had to look at the legal perspective of this project . A tough journey but hands down the best one . Allot of knowledge and experience at the same time! I would love to work on problems like women empowerment, child labour and many other social and enviournment based innovations because I truly believe in the saying ,”The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Construction

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