Atharv Shah

Atharv Shah

Cement from Plastic

Soon before CIF 2020 started I had an idea. An idea to make an impact on society and for its benefit. Many ideas were wandering around my head for a while. Once when I was walking on a road nearby, I saw huge dumps of plastic and other industrial waste. This made me think of an idea related to plastic. Also it was the monsoon season when water leaks and cracking becomes very common in every house . This initiated a thought in my mind where I decided to solve these two issues and create an eco-friendly effect on the environment. I started researching about how plastic and cement are made . This idea of mine kept on making more sense and with a few more materials and chemicals I developed my product. This not only makes an eco friendly impact but also prevents small issues like water leakage and cracking . The Virgin nylon - 6 fibre plays a very important role and helps to resolve the cement based problems . I also had to look at the legal perspective of this project . A tough journey but hands down the best one . A lot of knowledge and experience at the same time! I would love to work on problems like women empowerment, child labour and many other social and environment based innovations because I truly believe in the saying ,”The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Construction

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